Our Lawn Care Services List

Lawn Squad is dedicated to providing the best services offered by lawn care companies to the highest standard. We use a variety of services to care not only for customers’ grass, but also for their soil, trees, and shrubs. We even target a range of pests, taking care of all kinds of insects that can damage grass and prevent healthy growth.

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Services We Offer to Lawn Squad Customers

What makes Lawn Squad unique boils down to one thing: the difference between lawn care and lawn maintenance. Maintenance covers lawn cutting, tree trimming, and other landscaping tasks. We focus on lawn care services that bolster lawns, keeping them green and vibrant. In other words, we don’t mow grass, we GROW it.

Comprehensive training programs are provided to educate franchisees on each of the services we provide, along with the marketing and sales strategies to promote those services. Our technicians are certified, dependent on the state or local service area. We ensure that our technicians know the precise type and amount of product to keep a lawn safe and healthy. Untrained overuse of products often causes decline or unhealthy-looking lawns.

In addition, we partner with a vendor to aid in purchasing high-quality lawn care equipment. The services Lawn Squad offers are:

Aeration & Seeding

Aeration promotes growth by loosening soil and breaking up compacted dirt, allowing water and air to reach the grass roots more easily.

We offer lawn seeding to promote thick, luscious lawns. We will seed completely new lawns as well as fill in bare patches or thicken an existing lawn, service a range of customers.

Lawn Fertilization

Fertilization is one of the most popular recurring services. Many customers schedule spring and fall fertilization, with additional sessions as necessary.

Grub & Insect Control

We provide our customers with a lawn-safe, effective treatment that kills the grubs, but not the grass.

Flea & Tick Control

Fleas and ticks can easily get out of control in both manicured and unkept lawns. We provide our customers with a lawn treatment that kills fleas and ticks and discourages other pests from taking their place.

Lawn Surface Insect Control

This treatment takes care of insects that live in the grass, rather than below the ground. It reduces the number of insects without killing the grass like some commercially available sprays.

Home Perimeter Pest Spray

This service offers preemptive protection, with a focus on stopping pests from entering the home rather than treating those already there. This easy-to-apply spray provides industry-grade pest prevention.

Tree & Shrub Care

We treat trees and shrubs for pest infestations, use our Spring Dormant Oil Application to awaken trees and control dormant insect populations, deep-feed root systems in the fall, and winterize trees to last through the cold weather.

Commercial Lawn Care

Expand your business opportunities by offering commercial services. We provide all relevant residential services to commercial clients. Commercial-specific training provides the information you need to adjust your services for application at business locations.

Choosing Which Lawn Care Services to Offer

We understand that every service area is different. While we will train you to provide every service we offer, we’ll also help you craft a list of lawn care services that best fulfills your community’s needs.

The Lawn Squad service model provides a wide range of revenue streams through the services we offer to customers. It’s easy to diversify your services to capture business all year long as homeowners need different lawn care treatments. With each service you choose to offer, you expand your audience of potential customers.

Tailor your services to your territory and target different customers throughout your service area with a range of treatments. If you serve a lot of customers near a woodland or wild meadow, they may be more concerned with flea and tick prevention. Warm climate locations may need more frequent fertilization services. Apply home perimeter pest sprays throughout the year, maintaining your business in the colder months. Each service offers a varied revenue stream, helping keep your business stable all year long.

How to Charge for Lawn Care

You don’t have to worry about choosing the price to best fit your service area; we’ve got everything covered! Lawn Squad sets the prices, with easy-to-use business software that helps you keep track of charges and invoices. We do extensive market research to ensure that our prices are fair and affordable for customers while still providing a healthy profit.

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