Add Our Lawn Service Franchise to Your Landscaping Business

Landscapers across the country are already offering plenty of services that complement Lawn Squad’s lawn treatment offerings. That’s why if you’re looking to franchise a landscaping business, we offer an easy way to add a fully franchised service to your offerings.

Here’s why you should buy into a franchise to expand your business portfolio.

The Benefits of Franchising

A franchise offers a lot of support and benefits you won’t get as a solo small business owner. You’ll also enjoy advantages that someone new to the industry won’t, such as:

  • Expedited training. Many of our ways of working will overlap with what you already know. You may qualify for shortened training, so you only have to learn the parts of the job that are new to you.
  • Quicker start time. Faster training means you can get started sooner. We prefer to get new franchises open by key dates (depending on your area of the country) to take advantage of our busiest seasons. You can get off the ground faster, meaning you can start the franchising process closer to these deadlines.
  • Diversified business. We don’t require you to stop offering your landscaping services via your original small business. Our franchise lawn care package can fit in nicely beside your current services.
  • Local recognition. A successful small business landscaping company can do very well, and we don’t want to interfere with that. Get a separate, Lawn Squad-branded truck to use for our jobs, and continue running your landscaping business with the equipment you already have!
  • Expanded market. If you’ve mainly been working with residential properties, this is a chance to expand! This residential and commercial lawn care franchise opportunity allows you to work with businesses and community members.
  • Dedicated support. As a small business franchise, you’ll benefit from our marketing efforts and receive all the training you need to use our equipment and software tools.


Why would a business choose to franchise?

Franchises offer a lot of support that you otherwise have to handle yourself, from training to marketing. When you choose to franchise, you join a wide network of people working in the same industry as you. You can make professional connections while improving and broadening your skills.

Should I invest in a lawn care franchise?

If you offer landscaping or lawn cutting, but no lawn treatment service, this is a golden opportunity! Lawn Squad is a strong investment and a way to expand your offerings without being completely on your own.

Take Advantage of Small Business Franchise Opportunities with Us

Ready to take the first step into the franchising world? We’ll be with you at every step of your journey. Just let us know you’re interested, and we’ll get you all the information you need. When you choose to add Lawn Squad services to your existing landscaping company, we’re pleased to welcome you to the family.

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