Why Lawn Squad

We Love Lawns—And You Will, Too!

Start your own lawn care business with the support of Lawn Squad’s expert team. We’re committed not just to vibrant lawns and customer happiness, but to the wellbeing of your business. Going it alone can be a big gamble, so enjoy the security provided by a team of experts offering training and marketing support.

As one of the lawn care industry’s best new and upcoming franchises, Lawn Squad offers an opportunity to get in on the ground floor. You focus on creating vibrant green spaces. We’ll be here when you need us.

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Top Reasons to Choose Lawn Squad

Training Programs

Lawn Squad ensures all our franchise owners learn every area of the business. This includes classroom and in-person sessions in lawn care skills, marketing, and sales.

Innovation at Heart

As a Lawn Squad franchise owner, you'll stay ahead of the curve with access to the latest lawn care technologies and practices. This allows you to be a leader in your industry.

Community Impact

Make a meaningful difference in your community by creating beautiful and healthy lawns that homeowners love. Choose your service area when you sign up; we can help you narrow down available territories.

Unwavering Support

Enjoy the freedom of owning your own business while having the support of an expert team. We use our decades of experience coupled with our extensive support network to extend resources and ongoing assistance to our owners. This support system eases the day-to-day operations while creating a sense of community within Lawn Squad.

The Franchise Training and Support You Need to Succeed

New to lawn care? Not to worry! Our lawn care business startup kit includes training on how to run a lawn care franchise, from the basic day-to-day operations to the support offered by our dedicated teams. We’ll assist you in obtaining all relevant certifications and get you ready for business as soon as possible.

Franchise support includes more than just training on our physical equipment. At Lawn Squad, we pride ourselves on harnessing the power of advanced software programs that enable owners to scale their businesses efficiently in real-time.

Our commitment to technology extends to our dedicated technicians, ensuring precision and excellence in every service we provide. Whether it's residential lawns or commercial properties, we remain dedicated to meeting the unique needs of our diverse clientele.

A Low Start-up-Cost Franchise

While other franchise opportunities might require a large initial investment, we keep our franchise fee and ongoing royalties affordable. A lawn care franchise cost is an investment that is geared to help you quickly recoup once you start service.

The Best Way to Start a Lawn Care Business

Commit to your entrepreneurial journey with one of the top lawn care franchises for new and experienced owners. We’ll help you get started creating luscious lawns while you enjoy being your own boss and taking control of your business’ future. Take this opportunity to dive into (or continue) your journey in entrepreneurship with the force of a talented team behind you.

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